Privacy takes user privacy seriously, we have worked carefully to protect your private information.

I may collect some information from my visitors, such as IP address, ISP domains, referring pages, links followed, type of browser used, color depth, OS, city and state of residence, internet provider, etc. This information is used only internally by the operators of the site to determine who is using our services, how they are finding out about us, and what activities visitors engage in during the trip to our site. But under no circumstances will share, sell or distribute your private information to other organization.

I use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our website. In particular, Google ads use DART cookies to serve ads based on the visitors trip to our site, and the visitors can opt out of the use of DART and other cookies by visiting and But as the owner of the site, we do not require or collect your information from your cookies for any other purpose.

For EU visitors, I need you to know that although this site does not serve personalized ads to you, third-parties do use cookies to allow for frequency capping, aggregated ad reporting, and to combat fraud and abuse.

Should you have any questions or concerns in regard to our privacy policy, please write to me at [email protected]

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