People find the location of their iPhone but…

Ever since Find My iPhone was launched, I have been collecting stories about people getting their iOS device back using Find My iPhone and I have introduced some of them in other posts. Although Find My iPhone/iPod/iPad (and Find My Mac? Probably) were intended for finding our misplaced phone, they did help people recover their lost/stolen device. Today we have some more stories about it, and the result? Some get their handset back, some not.

According to Manchester Evening News, a woman got her iPhone stolen while she was having lunch during shopping. She immediately called her husband who as able to track down the lost device using Find My iPhone. A minute later her husband reported the location to the local police.

To our surprise, Manchester policed used a helicopter to locate the thief who was driving. Well I can only imagine it in US action movies. Eventually the thief was arrested and the stolen iPhone was returned to its owner, thanks to the police.

But the man of the second story was not that fortunate although last December in his area a woman got her iPhone back with the help of police and their helicopter too. Sydney Morning Herald reported that a man in Melbourne lost his iPad as well as other stuff worth 2 thousand dollars. The man, who is called Tim M used Find My iPad to locate his tablet and even sent a message to it asking the thief to return it with a telephone number without a reply. He then called the police and waited a month for them to get a warrant to search the suspect’s home although he knew there his iPad was.

This poor man just could not get his iPad back and the thief also deleted his account from the device, so he could no longer locate it.

Well, it is not the most miserable story. US youth baseball umpire Carl Ippolito, like the above two, misplaced his iOS device, so he used his son’s iPhone to locate it. Fortunately, he found the location of his handset and rushed there where a man called Brent Johnson was talking on an iPhone.

Ippolito might be too irrational over losing his handset, he attacked Johnson and took him down to the ground after he denied of stealing Ippolito’s iPhone. Apparently the target was wrong as Ippolito himself was to blame for misplacing his device in a snack shack. However the whole thing was not ended, the police arrested Ippolito later for assault and disorderly conduct.

Obviously Ippolito does not know much about Find My iPhone, he should have simply called his iPhone or play a sound remotely and the jail can be avoided.

We can see from the above stories that Find My iPhone alone may not help people get their iOS device back especially when the handset is being stolen by the thief. In this case, we need the help of police and if they do not act, the chance is very thin as you could not search the thief’s home for obvious reason. As an individual, the best we can do is avoid losing our handset and protect our private data.

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