How to hide files and pics on your Samsung Android phone

We all have some files, pics or photos on our phone that we do not want others to see, more or less. So we are consonantly trying to find a way to hide those data from others, and we do find many, like encrypt them, or set a password to protect them. It would be much easier if you own a Samsung Android phone without needing to install various apps which could have an impact on performance. I will introduce a few in this post, and stay tuned if you have Samsung Android handset.


Secure your data with KNOX



KNOX, developed by Samsung, is an Android based security solution to secure your data which takes advantage of both hardware and software. In simple words, it’s another OS on your Android phone guarded by password or your fingerprint.

To start with, download and install KNOX from Samsung app store if you do not have it preinstalled. You then need to set a password or fingerprint other than the one to unlock the screen. Now, tap + to add apps like gallery, video player etc to KNOX. Finally go to the folder you store the pics, videos, select it by tap and hold-> tap more on the up right corner-> move to KNOX.

Now you are fully protected by KNOX.


Protect your data using private mode


Go to settings-> private mode, tap next, and next, add apps like gallery, my files, videos whatsoever and tap next to continue, then tap start to make either a pattern or password or fingerprint to deny any unauthorized access. You still need to, like in the previous method, move the files to private. Keep in mind the content will be hidden even you disable the private mode.

When you want to view those files, just enter the private mode, do not forget your pin or password.


Lock apps you want to hide


Go to settings-> privacy and security-> app lock, choose pin, pattern or fingerprint to protect your data. Then you can select apps you want to lock.

Well, not all Samsung cell phones have this feature, find it yourself.


Hide data by changing the extension


This could be the most efficient way, simply change the extension so the files won’t be found by apps. For example, change .mp3 to .m or delete it and your music player won’t treat it as songs.

Another option is add a dot (.) before the folder name and it will disappear totally from any file browser, just make sure you uncheck show hidden files.

Remember add .nomedia could hide your songs too.

Except the solutions mentioned above, you can use various apps from Google Play to hide or lock anything you want and it works on almost all Android handsets. If you have other method, drop a line here and I appreciate it.

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