Cell phone tracking vs reverse phone lookup

When someone tell you that you can track any cell phone anywhere anytime using his software, he’s a liar. When someone tell you that you can search any (no mobile or cell) phone number using their app, that’s possibly the truth.

Why? Because the former is called cell phone tracking, while the latter is called phone number reverse lookup. They are not the same thing. They differ in a lot of aspects. Next time do not let others fool you if you learn the differences.

We need to figure out what they both mean first. Cell phone tracking refers to obtain the current location of a mobile device. That is, it’s used to determine where a cell phone is now. Reverse phone lookup (or cell phone lookup) however, means find out the owner of a (cell) phone number and where it belongs, but you will never know its current location. So the difference is quite clear, right?

Then we will learn how they work. When you do a cell phone trace, there are two ways, the handset based and the network based. You need to install some app on the target phone to obtain the GPS coordinates if the handset based method is used. Usually GPS, cell towers and WiFi access point is used to determine the location of a phone. While the network based method does not require you to install any app on the phone you want to locate, but only the carriers can do it. That is because mobile operator knows which cell phone tower the phone is connected to and where the base station is. Reverse phone lookup is another story. Those people selling this service to you need to create a huge database of cell phone numbers beforehand. They usually buy these data or collect them from elsewhere such as the internet. They need to collect everything about a phone number such as the name of its owner, the address (not the current position and movements), postcode and even background information. When you give them a number or a name, they will search their database and find the matching entry. But they could never collect all phone numbers, that’s why when you search some phone number it finds no results.

There are also some differences in the results. When you do a cell phone tracking, the results usually contains the current position on a online map like Google Maps, its GPS coordinates (latitude, longitude etc) and speeds etc. If it’s your own phone, the location information can be shared to Facebook and Twitter as well. But when you perform a cell phone number search, it will return the name of the owner and its address (usually where he or she lives). But you have no idea where its owner is (might at home, or at work or out of city on a business trip). So this is the biggest difference, cell phone tracking is all about the location of the phone, and cell phone lookup gives you information about the number and its owner.

The cost is not the same either. You can pay a single or monthly fee to search any phone number, but you can not track any phone even if you pay until you are law enforcement. So next time if someone promise you track any cell phone for a fee, tell him off. lol

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