Can you track any cell phone number?

Cell phone tracking is not a high-tech thing like you see in movies. In fact it’s quite simple, and it does not require any high-tech devices. All you need is a Smartphone and a piece of GPS phone tracking app, no more. The whole process is very easy too, install an app to the target phone and you are ready to track it.

Since mobile phone tracking is not about high-tech, many give me a cell phone number or IMEI number and ask me to track their handset. Well even though cell phone trace is not high-tech technology, it can be quite complicated especially when it comes to track an unknown or missing mobile device. So the question is, can you trace any mobile phone number at will?

If your phone is lost and you have mobile tracking app installed before it goes missing, then without a doubt, you can track it down.

But what if the question is no, or you want to track any cell phone? Well we first need to understand how cell phone tracking works.

Mobile phone trace generally falls into two categories, network based and handset based. Handset based cell phone tracking requires mobile location app to be installed on the target phone and needs the device to return the location information via text message or mobile internet. That is, you need to install and configure the app on the target phone before you track it. While the network based mobile phone tracking does not require any app or settings on the target phone, in other word, you can track any phone as long as it’s powered on.

Sounds fascinating, right? Although the network based method looks fancy, it can only be operated by mobile operators. The reason is simple, they have lots of cell towers set up, and mobile phone users need to connect to their base station to use their service. If the carrier knows which cell phone tower you are connected too, it knows your approximate position. But they won’t accept such request until you are law enforcement.

The handset based method is the most discussed on the internet, and there are many mobile tracking apps and phone spy service utilizing the handset based method. They have something in common, you need to download their app and install it on the phone you want to monitor. So you are limited to track the phone you have installed the app. If you do not install the app, you can not trace it.

If you read the above explanation intently, you won’t ask me to track any phone again by giving me a phone number. And IMEI number simply is useless. If you do want to track a cell phone for any purpose, contact either the carrier or the police, they may help you.

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